Welcome to Crossed J Ranch

The Crossed J Ranch is owned and operated by Jim and Janna Riggs along with their son Thomas and his family. The ranch has been owned by the Riggs family since 1879, when Brannick Riggs family began establishing ranches from the Chiricahua Mountains to Willcox.

Our ranch was established as the Crossed J Ranch in 1966 and is located 35 miles southeast of Willcox on the west side of the Chiricahua Mountain range. We raise Polled Hereford cattle and strive to improve, maintain, and restore our natural ecosystem.

We raise and sell high quality calves to Chiricahua Pasture Raised Meats where they have high expectations of the beef they buy, finish, and resell as pastured meats available for purchase at their website.

We have been offering a yearly tour of our ranch in January as part of the Wings Over Willcox celebration.

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